Pastels and a Fire Spider, only have one more BP picture but that’s it this time. :u

These sketches are a ton of fun to doooooo!! In order from left to right:

Hahahaaa… I’m so embarrassed… I doodled Misaki Harumi’s avatar on Gaia because I thought it was 12/10 cool… Maybe I’ll show it to her when I’m not a loser, and when I color it… xD
Are any of you on Gaia Online..? OuO

Some quick plans for dragora01 on DA. I’ve been so swamped with tests and finals lately… Hopefully I catch a break sometime soon.

(Update on Stevie Nicks) She has this little black line on the underside of her jaw, like a little chinstrap, and it’s really cute. Andddd a shot of her sides, because they’re really nice and white! :D

Some pictures of my new spider female, Stevie Nicks. She’s got some very nice white sides. It was so hard to take pictures of her! xD (also updated the snake bio post, under ‘snakes and me’ if you wanna see more about her.)




If Belle never found the castle…

A thousand times reblog


Painting assignment that I handed in 2 weeks late. Whoops.


Got this guy at NARBC today :) not sure what to name him yet!

Art portfolio stuff. I wanted to put a really nice quote in the frame her hair makes, but after coming up with nothing, a friend suggested a ridiculous rap lyric. :D