2014 vanilla female.

The 2014 champagne male I fell in love with from the moment I saw him. <3 He doesnt have a name yet, so I’m open to suggestions if you have any!! :D 

2013 pastel female I bought from the expo! She’s so friendly… It’ll be nice to have a quiet snake for once! My friends think “Mel Gibson” is a good name for her…


Super Cypress hatchlings produced by Micheal Freedman of The Florida Reptile Ranch.

The Cypress is an incomplete dominant mutation that appears to be similar, and possibly related, to the recently introduced Bongo from E.B. Noah in Ghana.


Brought this little sweetheart home today.

Very lovely male champagne I’ll be purchasing at the expo this weekend, along with a female vanilla and a breeder female I have yet to see!! If you have any name suggestions, gimme a shout!! :)


Pastels and a Fire Spider, only have one more BP picture but that’s it this time. :u

These sketches are a ton of fun to doooooo!! In order from left to right:

Hahahaaa… I’m so embarrassed… I doodled Misaki Harumi’s avatar on Gaia because I thought it was 12/10 cool… Maybe I’ll show it to her when I’m not a loser, and when I color it… xD
Are any of you on Gaia Online..? OuO